Resize your images easily with .Maui API

.Maui Image Resizing API is a useful tool for creating thumbnails for your applications.

Resize an image with PHP is damn easy, it’s free and without any form of advertising.

Download the client from GitHub or, include it in your project and use the available methods. Here is an example:

require ("DotMaui.php");

use DotMaui\Client;

$dotmaui = new Client("YOUR_API_KEY");

$req         = new stdClass();
$req->Width  = 50;
$req->Height = 50;
$req->Url    = "";

$dotmaui->saveImgResizedFromUrl($req, '/var/www/mysite/thumbs/myresizedimage.png');

If you do not have a key API subscribe to with your email or via Telegram. The portal is available for complete API documentation.

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