HTML Minify API V. 1.1 Released

This is a beta version, available only for premium users.

Some optional parameters have been added, here is the complete list:

collapseboolattr Boolean Remove attribute values from boolean attributes. Default is false  
collapsewhitespace String Possible values:

  • yes (Default), Always collapse to 1 space
  • no  Never collapse white space
  • all Collapse all white spaces (use with caution)
decodeentities Boolean Use Unicode characters (whenever possible). Default is false  
keepclosingslash Boolean Keep the trailing slash on singleton elements. Default is false  
maxlinelength Integer Maximum line length (output will be split by newlines at valid HTML split-points). Default is 999  
minifycss Boolean Minify CSS. Default is true  
minifyjs Boolean Minify Javascript. Default is true

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