From today is available the service “Customizing APIs and Tools”

In these few years since we launched the .Maui project, more and more users have started to use our free APIs and tools. We are happy with the work done so far and hope to make this service even more professional and reliable.

Some users have asked us to modify or customize our services, we have tried to do everything possible to please everyone, but we do not have time to meet all requests.

That’s why we decided to accept these requests only from premium users by launching a dedicated service that includes support via chat or email.

This service called “Customizing APIs and Tools” is free for premium users, but you can request small changes and there is never a guaranteed deadline for the end of development.

If we offer this service it’s for the passion in what we do and also to let as many people as possible know about this project.

For more challenging changes or the creation of more complex tools, please contact us for a non-binding quote.

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