PHP | Remove substring from string

Here is a simple but useful function to remove substrings within a string in PHP.

The second parameter can be a string or an array of strings, in this case all strings in the array will be removed from the string passed as the first argument.

 * Remove substring from string
 * @param string $subject
 * @param mixed $remove[optional] If omitted the function will remove whitespaces
 * @return mixed
function rmv($subject, $remove = " ") {
    $return = $subject;	
    if (!is_array($remove)) {
        $remove = array($remove);
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($remove); $i++) {
        $return = str_replace($remove[$i], "", $return);
    return $return;


rmv("Lorem ipsum dolor"); // return 'Loremipsumdolor';
rmv('mxaxuxix', 'x'); // return 'maui';
rmv("pizza", array("a", "i")); // return 'pzz';

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